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Stamped jewelry is quite the commonplace these days.

I wonder if it will keep its wearability (is that a word?) or end up just being keepsakes in jewelry boxes?

I have my own little stamped necklace from Jennywear Jewelry.  Each charm has my child's name on one side and birthdate on the other.  My hubs gave it to me as a "push present."

I love how meaningful this piece of jewelry is to me, and my children feel special seeing their name worn around their momma's neck.

But what I love more is my Messy Nest necklace from The Vintage Pearl.  It too represents my four children, but in a different way...."my nest is full".
I especially appreciate how the rustic feel of the wrapped wire contrasts with the classic look of pearls...not to mention, it goes with almost anything I wear!

They have some really unique pieces that aren't the usual stamped silver or gold.

I loved my nest necklace so much that we got my mother-in-law this for her birthday from there.  It has all of her grandchildren's names on it.
I think these types of sentimental jewelry are wonderful gifts to give.

While I don't wear my stamped necklace or nest necklace everyday, when I do, I always get tons of compliments and inquiries of where to get them.

These types of jewelry, if well made, can be a truly meaningful, touching, and significant heirloom to be passed down to generations to come.

I'll be taking good care of mine!

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  1. Love looking at your blogs! I saw your comment on my blog...I'm terrible about commenting! It's crazy how fast time passes. Your kids are too cute and I can't believe you have 4 now.



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