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When in Transition

As mentioned before, I am currently in the midst of a transitional phase.

With my body, that is.

Since I am two months post-baby, it's time to get with the program in terms of losing my baby weight.

I've put it off for a little while.  It certainly does NOT help that I have a mean, bossy, and demanding sweet tooth.  I just can't seem to say "No" to it.

So, my wardrobe options over the last two months have been two-fold.

One, I almost always have to wear two pieces...meaning a top and bottom.  All my cute dresses are out of the question when I'm having to nurse my little guy.  Can't you picture what that fiasco would look like?  Definitely immodest at the least.

Even though I am still cheering at my freedom from maternity clothes (ugh, I couldn't give them away quick enough), having to wear nursing-friendly items is a slight downfall.

Secondly, not being able to fit in three-quarters of the clothes I own lends itself to some creativity on my part.

I am strongly resisting the urge to buy more clothes in a larger size.  Nope, I won't do it.  Even if my hips that have birthed four children never shrink back, I'll find a way to button up my favorite jeans.  Even if that means wearing five layers of Spanx!

In this time of transition, I am loving my Rachel Pally maxi skirt.  I've had it for a while, but am truly appreciating its versatility as of late.  There are so many ways one can wear a maxi skirt and it is ideal for all seasons....although, my legs do complain of suffocating a bit in this Texas heat.
Shirt: Downeast Basics, Vest: Nordstroms, Skirt: Rachel Pally
For those not in a body-transition stage and maybe just want to be uber-comfortable and on-trend...go for a maxi skirt.

You won't be sorry...I promise.

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