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Hair Quandary

***The below post is from my family blog, but I thought I'd re-post it it does have to do with fashion.  Also, I'm still dealing with this "hair quandary", but have firmly decided to grow it out. Therefore, any tips on how to make my hair grow at the speed of light would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone who's know me for any amount of time would say they have seen at least five different hair styles of mine....even more for those who have known me longer.

I change it about every year.  Insert here: psychological discussion on the relation of my changing hair styles and how it corresponds to my personality traits, innate qualities, etc. 

I am currently at a cross roads.  I knew this would happen when I decided to cut my hair short....that eventually, I would get the itch to grow it out, therefore leaving me no choice but to weather the awkward, unmanageable, in-between stage.

I am currently at the beginning of said stage.
Not pretty.  Notice the wings on the side.  They're too bushy to tuck behind my ears.  The back is a mess, as well.  It won't be long before I have a mini-mullet.

In fact, the difficulty I am already having with it seriously has me contemplating cutting it real short again....hence, the cross roads.

Wouldn't it just be easier to cut it short and not have to worry about the trauma of growing it out?  Yes, I believe so.

But then I would indefinitely have short hair, and be known as the "girl with the short pixie cut".  I don't want to be know as her.

I'm a "shoulder length girl".....or "stacked bob girl".

I won't even get into hair color.  I'm feeling a dark brown coming back on.  Haven't done that one in a good while.  Probably because I look better least that's what my momma tells me.

My husband feeds me lies and tells me he likes my hair this way or that I oblige, and usually have a desperate need to change it back within no time flat.

So back to my dilemma.

I have a hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm on the fence about cancelling it.  Go back short or grow out.  What to do, what to do.

This is a major life decision, of course.  It's up there with family finances, my children's education, and what breed of dog to get next.

So here's me with longer hair...

Shoulder length
Longer (this is about as long as my hair will get before breaking off)
And here's where I'd probably cut it back to (if I were to do that)...or a little shorter.

So you see...

Juggling three crazy girls with a newborn....child's play.

Planning out and saving for my children's college funds...piece of cake.

Contemplating getting my post-baby body into a swimsuit this ain't nothing.

Wasting time fretting over my dismal hair options staring me in the face....a daunting crisis of unparalleled proportions.

To say the very least, of course.


  1. You look beautiful no matter the length of your hair! If I had to pick one, it would be chin length.

  2. I like the short hair. It just goes with your personality!

  3. I think the chin length is the cutest on you, but they are all great honestly, you're lucky!



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