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I was so excited to wear this new shirt to church today.
It makes me happy.  I love the regal, ruffled neckline.

It's somewhat of a "statement shirt."

I tend to subscribe to the school of thought that statement pieces are to be worn at carefully chosen times and less often than other "regular" items of wardrobe....mainly because they're memorable.

This little baby is different.  Well, maybe "it" itself is not different, but the way I see it is....because I plan to wear it frequently.
shirt: CAbi, cardigan: Nordstroms Rack, skirt: Bebe, shoes: DSW Lulu
So if you see me in this top on consecutive days, weeks, or possibly incorporated into my sleepwear'll have had fair warning.

P.S. I expressed my love for black ensembles in my previous post...they're just so effortless and sleek.  Actually, black outfits are effortless to pick out (due to the monochromatic choices) and sleek because of their slimming effect.  Hmm, maybe that's the true reason behind it.  Yes...Yes, I think so.

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  1. I dig your ruffles. :) Your mom looked equally sleek for church, only in cream.



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