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Back in Black

Shirt: CAbi, Shrug: Banana Republic, Broach: CAbi, Pants: CAbi
I find that I recurrently reach for my black ensembles in my I sing "Back in Black" by AC (thunderbolt) DC silently to myself.

Black is my go-to color.

I have to force myself to incorporate patterns or colors into my wardrobe, but it goes against the grain.

Although black can be boring sometimes, I try to add touches of interest with accessories...broaches, jewelry, hat, etc.
Accessories are a must for any outfit, but make a plain one fabulous.

If you still feel plain-jane in black after accessorizing, simply sing to yourself "Back in Black" while playing the air guitar...

You'll instantly feel much cooler.

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  1. Aha I love it! We are so on the same wave length but your post was much cooler!



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