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American Fork Canyon - Family Camping

Headed into the mountains with our take-out dinner, flashlights, tent, and 2 sleeping bags...we were not as prepared as we would've liked.  Still being in transition from the move, much of our stuff is "somewhere in storage"...meaning, who knows exactly where it was placed.  Thus, we found all the blankets we could to add to our measly 2 sleeping bags (for a family of 6, mind you) and hoped for the best.  Our best was quite chilly and uncomfortable, but hey, it was fun!

Camping in the mountains was definitely a treat for us!  One that we hadn't experienced as a family.  Not only was the weather cool (down right cold at night), but being amongst the forest adds an authentic feel to camping that you just don't get in good ol' Texas.  We stayed at a place called Mutual Dell in the American Fork Canyon.  It's owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and available for families to camp during certain parts of the year when it's not used for girls camp or scouting.  We didn't do anything amazing while there...pretty much just hung out, froze our butts off trying to sleep, and then packed up first thing in the morning.  But I think we all had a memorable time and would like to do it again...with proper sleeping gear of course.  Side note:  My lucky mom went home early and slept in her own bed.  I'm sure she won that night!

*All photos taken with our GoPro Hero 5

Where do YOU like to go camping?

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