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New York City | In 2 Days With 4 Kids

We had SUCH an amazing (almost month-long) trip that I'm just now being able to sort through my photos and wrap my brain around it!  Our trip started out with a brief stay in New York City.  Our flight got in mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and we drove out of the city Thursday afternoon...short but sweet.

In planning our trip, I have to admit I was a tad anxious about taking all 4 kids to the big city.  I had visions of gripping their hands and navigating the stressful streets of NYC.  But in actuality, it wasn't anything like I thought.  Yes, we were cautious and stayed together, but I didn't feel that nervousness I thought I would...except for just once.  We were going down into the subway and I swiped Bennett's card before mine (I don't know why I did this...before then, Blake and I had made sure we were bookends to the kids at all times) and then I went through the turnstile to find him no where in sight.  I full-out panicked and wildly started yelling his name.  I think probably only a few seconds passed before I looked to my right and saw him standing on the outside of the exit turnstile while all of us where on the inside.  I yelled at Blake to swipe the card again to let him back through, but we were all out of money on the card!!!  Pure craziness. It all ended up fine, but could have been a reeeaaaaaaaal bad situation.

I think out of everything we saw and visited...Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry, Ground Zero, Times Square...their absolute FAVORITE part was spending their hard earned money at Dylan's Candy Bar.  I mean, they were like kids in a candy store!!!!  ;) We had a great time and would love to go back to New York.  I've been to NYC several times and going all together as a family made me see it in a different light.  But also, made me want to go back again soon with no kids. Ha!

What's YOUR favorite thing to do/eat/see in New York City???

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