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Magnolia Market Recap & Pictures

My friend Sienna and I have been wanting to visit the Magnolia Market Silos for a while now.  Summer schedule just didn't work out for us to go, so we were so excited to have the chance on our way home from the Pinners Conference last weekend!  The Magnolia Market just screams JoAnna Gaines...I mean, what else would you expect?  But really, each and every single detail is thoroughly planned and intentional.

Inside the market was a treat for the eyes, as one can't just stop at one all flows together in perfect rustic-industrial harmony. After perusing the market, we explored other areas of the grounds, such as the Seed & Supply garden store and the Magnolia Market bakery.  My favorite was the actual manicured grounds. (Did you happen to catch my cartwheel shenanigans on Insta?)  Even though it was still burning hot outside, I envision how fun it would be to bring the family on a cool fall evening to run around, enjoy some food truck snacks, and just hang out.  The old jazzy music playing loudly outdoors makes quite the ambiance.

After having visited, I think I'm good.  You know where you're like "checked that off my list" kind of good?  I'm sure I'll go again, but I've seen it, enjoyed the experience, and got to soak in all that I've admired from afar.  But I'm good.  Except of course for those bakery cookies...I could definitely go for that again!

^^^ outside on the lawn looking at the market ^^^

^^^ which is your fave? ^^^

^^^ I was drooling over all the antique tables they put the displays on! ^^^

^^^ What a gorg vignette, huh? ^^^

^^^ Cotton and some more cotton ^^^

^^^ Did you know their iconic magnolia wreath is almost $100?! ^^^

^^^ Picture perfect garden ^^^

^^^ Bakery goodness ^^^

^^^ I heard Letterfolk will soon be sold at cool! ^^^

^^^ The iconic Silos ^^^

^^^ Why don't cha stay and play!?! ^^^

Have you visited the Silos?  What did you think???

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