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Synergy Plastic Surgery Review

Let me tell you about something friends...I turned 35 last week.  THIRTY-FIVE.  Smack dab in the mid-thirties.  And as this milestone birthday crept up on me the past year or so, I've noticed some things.  Things that don't lend themselves to eating whatever you want, and not working out, and not wearing a hat outside, etc. etc. etc.  Those kinds of things have been hugely apparent and pretty much shoved in my face by Mother Nature as of late.  Seriously annoying.

So when I was approached to do a cosmetic review for Synergy MedSpa, I thought "of course"!  Now, I want to get something clear before I get into the meat of this post...I'm not at all opposed to enhancing one's appearance if one has the desire, means, and opportunity.  I mean, why not?  One of the reasons I started this blog was to encourage women to feel their best...and when you feel your best is when confidence soars and all other areas of your life can work together.  Being your best self includes how you feel on the inside AND outside!

Prior to going to my appointment at Synergy, I spoke with some of the office staff who assured me I'd have a thorough consultation to see what would be the best fit for me.  I had in my mind that I'd probably go for a chemical peel, as I have a pretty large area of melasma or dark spots on my forehead.  (Consequently from being out in the sun when I was on Accutane.)  But when I went in and sat down with the nurse, she went over everything they offer...from chemical peels, to Botox®, to laser treatments.  I felt she truly cared about helping me make an informed choice, which I so very much appreciated.  After carefully considering my options, I ended up heading in a different direction from the chemical peel...mainly because I knew I was going to be out in the sun quite a bit during the following weeks.  After learning more about Botox® Cosmetics and how it's used in both a corrective and preventative way, I chose to get a few injections on my forehead, my crows feet area, and between my eyes (the frown lines).  It was so interesting to me (and made perfect sense) that Botox® can PREVENT wrinkle lines when done starting at about my age.  How perfect is that!? 

synergy plastic surgery austin

From the moment I walked into Synergy, I felt they treated me with the utmost respect, courtesy, and friendliness...I felt so welcome and any nerves I had dissipated immediately.  I love the results from the Botox and am glad I went that direction...and I'm hoping to go back and receive that much-needed chemical peel too!  Thanks to Synergy Plastic Surgery and MedSpa for such amazing service and professionalism.

Also for you Austin locals, If you’re looking to start your own anti-aging treatment regimen, now is the time! Synergy Plastic Surgery is giving away an anti-aging package, including both BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers. Enter here:  Good luck!

Synergy has two amazing Austin locations (I visited the Round Rock location):

Synergy Plastic Surgery 
805 East 32nd Street #101
Austin, TX 78705

Synergy Plastic Surgery 
7700 Cat Hollow Drive #103
Round Rock, TX 78681

*Encouraging women to look and feel their best is what I love, which is why I've partnered with Synergy Plastic Surgery on this cosmetic service review.  All opinions and views are my own. 

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  1. You're selling me lady...I've been considering it myself!



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