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Obnoxious Hellos

I usually have in mind how photo sessions will go....therefore, never did I expect to be hanging out waiting for my client and holding a parrot 2 minutes later!

Blake and I were waiting for my clients to change outfits, when I heard this obnoxious "HELLO"!  My head whipped around trying to find who was talking...and I locked in on this one lady from who I assumed it came.


Again, I looked over at the lady and sort of half-waved a hello back to her, then rolled my eyes at Blake as if to say "who IS this woman and why does she keep talking to us???"

Duh.  Of course not until a few moments later did I spot the source of what I then realized was parrot talk.  I got a few shots of the beautiful bird while I could...thinking it might possibly fly away at any moment, when I heard someone ask me if I'd like to hold it.  Super observant, Kristen.  Its owner was sitting (I'm gonna go ahead and claim she was camouflaged because she came outta nowhere) back a few feet behind the bird.

"Um YES, of course I want to hold your parrot!!!!!"  Actually, first I tried to get Blake to, but then thought better of it and told him to get a picture of ME!  It was so cool how the bird easily stepped onto my arm and hung out.  We were instant buds...I took the liberty of naming him/her Charlie (in my head).  Who knew I'd get a fun experience like this in the middle of a photo session!?!  I sure as heck didn't.

So moral of the story?

Don't ignore obnoxious voices who just want to say "HELLO" never know who it might turn out to be!  (wink, wink)

>>> Hoping everyone is having a fabulous week!  More Mom-On-The-Go Summer Series coming up this week!  Stay posted!!!!

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