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What to Pack for a Cruise

We leave soon for our cruise and I've been a hot mess of a momma trying to get everything/everyone packed, cleaned, etc.  I'm going to sure NEED this vacation after all it takes to get 6 people travel-ready.  I'd hardly thought about my OWN packing until today, so I finally stood in my closet for a few minutes and picked out some basics that will be both versatile and stylish while cruising...but also tried to stay as minimal as possible.  Here's my top musts for cruise packing:

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1.  Swim Coverup:  I hemmed and hawed over a chic coverup and I finally settled on this simple (and affordable) gray striped one from Target.

2.  White denim:  White just begs to be worn in the Caribbean, does it not?

3.  Maxi dress:  For those no-fuss nights at dinner, slip on a sleek, elongating dress for both comfort and style.

4.  Sun hat:  A must to shade your face and to cover that beach hair!

5.  Slub tee:  I'm packing black and white versions of this tee as well...goes with anything and everything...just add some statement jewelry and you're set!

6.  Backpack:  Instead of taking a purse or large tote, a backpack is more safe and versatile...and I needed this backpack!

7.  Jean jacket:  For those chilly nights on the deck, throw on a jean jacket and you'll be good to go!  Again, pick pieces like this that go with everything.

8.  White sandals:  These are my new faves...I wear them daily, and do you know what???  They're actually MORE comfortable than my real Birks.  Gasp!  I know, I know...sacrilegious, right?  

9.  Sunnies:  I went on a cruise once where I had to wear my eyeglasses (rather than sunglasses) the entire time and I almost died of squinting.  True story.

10.  Swimsuit:  I love what a great black swimsuit can do!  This one, especially, looks extra cool with the on-trend cutout.

11.  Wedges:  Pack a pair to dress up your outfits just a bit...whether it's for dinner or an after-dark activity.  Make sure to go for a neutral or basic color for matching.

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