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Honoring My Dad's Birthday {A New Family Tradition}

I feel like I have a blog hangover...finishing up the November Blogathon was something else!  I crawled to the finish line, but made it!  I want give a BIG shout out to all of you who participated!  It made it a lot easier knowing that y'all were right there with me!  I hope you enjoyed it!

Last weekend, we wanted to do something special to celebrate what would have been my dad's 60th birthday (he passed a year ago next week) my mom, brother, Blake, me and the kids decided to hike as a family up to Enchanted Rock.  My dad enjoyed hiking and we often did this activity all together on vacations in Colorado, New Mexico, Maine, and here in Texas.  It could not have been a more beautiful day and I know my dad was smiling down on us.  We plan to make it a yearly tradition in honor of his birthday!  Here are some shots from that perfect day:

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  1. Looks great! Makes me miss Austin.

    I need to get back into hiking. It's been a while.

  2. That is so great. I'm glad y'all could do something as a family together to honor him. A few observations - I love that y'all combined are wearing 3 Texas Tech items, 1 Jansen pigs hat, and a Star Wars shirt. Y'all are nothing if not loyal to the things you love! :)



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