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Capturing Family Christmas Pictures {November Blogathon}

This past weekend, after getting back from the wedding we shot in west Texas...we attempted Christmas pictures of our own.  I can't tell you exactly how many family sessions I've had over the past two month, but I know for sure there has been a lot...mainly of families with young children.  We seem to be able to get the shot, most everyone smiles, looks happy, etc.  So you'd think getting a few pictures of my own kids would be a piece of cake right?  Well most years I've ended up yelling at my mom (or dad) and gone straight I figured this year, we'd just attempt the kids (no parents) to keep our my sanity in check.  And you know what?....It wasn't that bad.  I'll do a big reveal here after our Christmas cards go out (I'm weird like that), but here are a few Christmas pictures from years past.

// 2013 //

// 2012 //

// 2011 //

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1 comment:

  1. ohhhhh the 2011 picture. Those cheeks!!!

    I'm the same way...I like to post pics after the cards go out!



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