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Fashion Forward Recap

^^^ Brooke of Power Moms Media // Vera of Lady and the Blog // me // Audrey of Mom Generations ^^^

Visiting New York is always a favorite of mine, especially when it involves friends, blogging, a meeting new people!  Attending the Fashion Forward conference for the second year, I was surprised to have somewhat of a different experience than last...equally amazing, just different mainly due to the pleasure I had of being in the fashion show and everything that went along with that experience.  LOVED every minute of it!

^^^ Me and the lovely Nicole of Mom Trends ^^^

In the fashion show, I wore one of my favorite lines...CAbi's Fall Collection.   The night before, CAbi hosted an exclusive event where we were privileged to see the entire line, as well as chat with CAbi and their PR teams.  

Side note:  I was a little anxious about taking the train out to NJ by myself after the event Monday night...and it just so happened that I was pushing it to make the 8:30ish train on time.  Wearing the above (red) heels, I walk/ran SEVEN blocks with my huge bag AND my suitcase, and made the train by the skin of my teeth.  I kid you not, the doors closed right behind me.  I was in a full-body sweat and couldn't feel my feet as I plopped down in the first open seat.  I then proceeded to ask everyone around me if I was on the right train, as I really had no clue what I was doing.  Oh the looks I received...priceless.  I threw a few "y'alls" out and smiled my sweetest (albeit sweatiest) smile and crossed my fingers their eye daggers would cease and desist.  I don't know how New Yorkers do it everyday...plain exhausting!

^^^ Megan Zietz and I in our CAbi runway wear ^^^

^^^ Megan of TF Diaries // Maria Jose of Very Busy MaMa // me // Carly of Thirty Something Fashion // Lara of Pretty Connected ^^^

^^^ the view from the conference venue in upper Chelsea ^^^

The keynote speaker was the effortlessly gorgeous Christy Turlington Burns.  Her foundation and cause, Every Mother Counts, works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  It was really inspiring to hear her speak about her own scary post-delivery experience and how she's channeled that into helping mothers globally.  Did you know a mother dies every two minutes from pregnancy and birth related complications, of which 95% of them are preventable?  There are several ways to get involved (some as easy as donating old phones) that contribute to the cause...check them out HERE.

That's about all for now...I'll share a few more tidbits about the trip next week.  Have a great weekend friends!!!!

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  1. So much fun!! The running to catch a train and then asking everyone around you if you're on the right one sounds exactly like me!! You look beautiful in all these pictures!

  2. So glad we got to see eachother - I wish we had more time!

  3. Thank you so much for being a part of the day!



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