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Dream Catcher Birthday Party + DIY

Tyler Bree's dream catcher party was a success!  The girls had lots of fun making their own dream catchers, roasting s'mores, and ended up having a tumbling-fest in the twinkling lights.  She loved it and felt super special!
>>>Scroll down to the bottom for a little video I put together of the evening!

Dream Catcher DIY:
-Paper Plates (I found these cool tie-die ones at Hobby Lobby)
-yarn or wool
-fun ribbon or twine
-hole puncher

The hardest part was cutting out the inner circle of the plates and then a heart (or whatever shape you want) from that.  Most of the girls needed a little assistance weaving the yarn through the holes while suspending the heart in the middle...takes some hand coordination.  Then they went to town on decorating the hanging-down ribbons and string with feathers, beads, etc.  This one (above), I did ahead of time as an example, but some of the ones made were quite impressive and detailed.  Such a fun activity to do with kids of all ages!

^^^ Golden Feather Cupcakes ^^^
White feathers from HL and painted on gold paint...easy!
"Stuck a feather in a cupcake and called it macaroni"...not the same ring to it.

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  1. What a fun idea!!! So creative. Your daughter is TOO cute. So jealous of those eyebrows...she's gonna be one gorgeous young lady! ;)



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