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What Late Summer Looks Like

Summer is winding down around here...

I went school shopping last night for my kids.  That in itself was both terrific because I was able to do it in peace and quite sans kiddos (check out Target's awesome deals this week here)...AND terrible because I love having my kids home during the summer and it breaks my heart a little bit that we're going into another year of their lives....another year closer to when they leave me.  Forever.  Whaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Speaking of the end of summer, we hung out with my mom this past weekend and just enjoyed being out in the country, helping her out with some stuff around the place (as she desperately needs since my dad's been gone), and cooking some homemade bread (this recipe is my current fave).  Pretty much a perfect, late-summer day.  August weather has been good to us Texans so far (an anomaly around these parts), so we'll take all we can get before the brutal heat rears its ugly head.
I think I might have just jinxed us.  I'm sorry summer...keep doing what you're doing.  

How are you winding down the end of summer???
One last vacation in the cards?
Or are you full on in back-to-school mode?

I think I'm a little in between...hanging on for a bit longer.
Happy Tuesday!!!!

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  1. great photos! your family is so adorable!

  2. These pictures are great. I love the picture of her in the bucket. Priceless!



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