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Things Of Which You Should Be In the Know (part 2)

1.  Do you use Ebates for your online shopping yet?  Most people can't believe there's no catch...but I assure you, it's straight up a check in your mailbox for online easy...and quite a no-brainer if you ask me.  Today, Gap's having an Ebates Friends & Family sale of 40% off your purchase using the code GAPEBATES.  If you don't currently use Ebates, you can sign up HERE.  They also give you a free gift card of your choice for signing up!

2.  Let's talk Fall 2014 trends.  Fall style is my absolute favorite and my cool-weather-loving self gets giddy every year when the "September issues" come out!  One I subscribe to and seems to be always on point is People StyleWatch magazine.  Three fall trends this year that I think are most applicable to everyday wear are PLAID, CHUNKY SWEATERS, and BOLD COLORS.  Pretty simple to incorporate into your existing wardrobe, right?  Here's a few specifics that I have my eye on...just click on the image for details:

3.  If you could re-visit ONE summer vacation destination you've already been to in your lifetime, what would it be?  Mine would be the coast of Maine.  We visited there with my family when Blake and I were engaged and it was stuff taken from a storybook, I tell ya'.  The home at which we stayed backed up to a babbling brook that lulled us to sleep each night, and during the day we could follow the brook about a quarter mile to where it emptied wide open into the ocean.  Just breathtaking.  We went whaling, ate tons of fresh lobster, hiked on a secret was just wonderful.  I highly recommend staying in or around the coastal and picturesque town of Camden, Maine if you ever should find yourself so lucky.

4.  My all-time favorite book series Outlander has been made into a mini-series on Starz...have you seen it?  The first episode doesn't technically debut until Saturday, but Starz released it early to satisfy all the die-hard fans out there clamoring to get a sneak peak.  Actually, I think they did it so people would love it, want more, which they hope will result in subscribing to Starz.  Suckers.  No really, it's worth it...heck, we ordered Starz as soon as we found out about it!
Side note:  If you have read the books and/or have watched (or will watch) the show and happen to not think it's the best thing to ever come into your life...please don't tell me.  I take it personally.  :)

photo credit: Starz website

5.  I'm really excited to show some cool home updates we're currently in the process of right now...and when I say "we're"....that totally mean just Blake.  I think I've finally got the living room planned out and the industrial shelves for our study will be up by the weekend...stay tuned for the big reveals.  It's so satisfying to actually convert some of my longtime favorite pins on my "For The Home" Pinterest board into reality.  Pinterest, I love you.


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