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Behind the Scenes: After-School Tips TV Segment

Yesterday I had the fun opportunity of appearing on our Austin NBC affiliate's midday news to share some after-school homework tips and DIYs.  You can find the actual links to the ideas over on Austin Moms Blog.  I especially love the survey to get your kids talking about their day.  Here's the full segment:

Wearing a Langford Market jacket, Kendra Scott necklace, Stella & Dot earrings, and Chloe & Isabel cuff

A few little behind the scene secrets I thought I'd share with you...mainly because well, before I'd done TV segments...I had NO idea.  And I find it pretty interesting myself.

-During the teaser, the stage manager told me to hit him with my bottle.  Like fake beat him up...I guess to give me something to do besides standing there staring at the camera like a goof.  My mind instantly recalled those awkward teasers they show on Good Morning America with the guest looking like they have no idea what to I said, Sure I will!  I don't have a clip of the teaser, but I did in fact swing the bottle at both his head and midsection in a mock-attack.  Then of course I laughed and did an awkward wave at the camera.  I guess the awkwardness is inevitable no matter what silly stunt one pulls.

-I've only done live segments prior to yesterday, but this was a tape-to-live method where we taped the segment and then it aired shortly afterwards.  Oddly, I found this unnerving.  With live TV you don't have time to be nervous because it's over and done with so quickly.  With a pre-taping, I kept worrying about stumbling over my words.  If you look closely on the video, my skin got flushed and splotchy.  Embarrassing.

-The stage manager that I "beat up" also told me to get up on the anchor desk so he could take a picture of me.  Don't have to tell me twice...

"In other news this morning, blogger Kristen Jansen allegedly assulted a television stage manager for no apparent reason...using her glitter relaxation bottle as the weapon.  Stay tuned for more on the developing story.  Back to you, Tom."

You can see a couple of other segments I've done with Austin Moms Blog HERE and HERE.  (I can't believe my hair in that first one....waaaah!)

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!!

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