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The Biggest Sale of the Year

Do NOT Scroll down this page....


First, I'd like you to go through a mental exercise with me, if you will.  Trust me.

Go ahead and close your peaking.
Take a deeeeeeeeeep breath.

Now with your eyes still closed (okay, you can open them to read this but that's it), imagine yourself outside in the cool, crisp autumn air.  You have a steaming cup of {insert your favorite warm drink} in your hands and you can smell the scent of some one's fireplace burning.

Imagine leaves starting to turn, pumpkins and gourds littering the ground, and your Christmas shopping list lingering in the back of your mind.
Oh, and did I mention, you're on your way to a college football game.
It's FALL.


Okay, now you can open your eyes and thank me for that little slice of heaven I just let you experience.  Stay with me...there's a reason for all this.  You see, Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale and it's B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  I'm talking like biggest sale of the year, tons hugely on (pre-fall) sale!  If you have a Nordstrom card, you can shop the sales early (a week before everyone else), or it's open to the public starting 7/18...either way, jump on it friends!  Last year I scored some Frye boots for over $100 off!  I love me some Nordstrom!

I spent some time today going through womens, mens, kids, and accessories picking out my favorite deals that I have on my wish-list for my family.  I've linked them all below for you...but do me a favor and keep that Fall state of mind as you peruse these cooler weather sales.  

But hey, if you're like me, that shouldn't be too hard to do, as you could use a little escape from this July heat right about now!
Can I get an AMEN?!?

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