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Dancing Queen

This past weekend Tyler Bree had her dance recital.  She still has a national competition in July, but this was the end of the dance year so to speak.  Being on team, she had to perform in two back-to-back recitals...which meant a LONG day for all of us...especially her three younger siblings.  I'm sure it won't be the last time they have to sit through 5 straight hours of dancing.
There will come a day when she has to sit through Bennett's baseball games...he'll have his pay back then...ten-fold.

Well, earlier last week, her dance studio had the genius idea of doing a "showcase" performance of just the teams...a perfect opportunity for grandparents and other family to see a her dance without having to sit through an entire recital.  AND this was my opportunity to get some great action shots of her on stage, because competitions don't allow photography so this was my first chance!  Wouldn't you know I completely forgot my camera and didn't even think to use my phone...ugh.  I can go a bit overboard sometimes with the pictures (shocking, I know), so I guess you can say I was just living in the moment...a very proud momma moment.
But still.

So to sort of make up for my lack of foresight at the showcase, I took quite a few of her between routines at recital.  And I just might have had ulterior motives for getting some of these smiling shots, as she gets braces this Thursday.  Bananas.

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  1. She is downright beautiful. Wow! I love these shots. And I totally know about those long hours of're a great momma!

  2. so pretty!! great photos.

  3. She looks so pretty and happy!!! Love it!



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