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Strange Nostalgia

Well, all my senior sessions are now over and done with...which I'm a little sad about.  I love shooting seniors.  They've got this confidence about them that makes me excited to think what lies ahead for these grads.  Everything, truly.

This sweet girl is just beginning her high school career next year...another exciting time.  I loved my high school years...which I think is becoming more rare for kids these days.  (gosh, I sound old)  In fact, I presented my dad's memorial scholarship last night at my Alma Mater's athletic banquet and it seemed very nostalgically strange.  It was like one of those dreams where you know you're in your own home, but it's not your know those kind?  Sitting there last night, I could remember sitting through similar banquets, walking through the same doors, the smell, etc....yet, everything is so different.  I really hope things don't change so drastically before my own children reach that age, where our experiences don't even resemble each other.  I think that might just be wishful thinking, though...

Do you have fond memories of high school?

Oh, and did you know that this graduating class of high school seniors was born in 1996/1997?

The don't even remember the 90's.
They don't really know life before 9/11.
They don't know life without cell phones.
Mind blown.

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  1. I think it's amazing that you look at these young people and see amazing things for their futures! These pictures are beautiful.



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