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Moving, Photography, and Priorities

Get ready for a very random, but highly informative post....ready?

So.  We are FINALLY moved in.  And the reason I stress that finally, is that the last week leading up to last Wednesday's closing was pure torture...for a home buyer, that is.  Crazy stuff got messed up on the lender's end (they gave us misinformation from the get-go) and our closing got delayed.  Thanks to a nice gentleman (senior VP in their company, whose ear I chewed a bit), we got everything in order and "made right" for us.  By the end of it all, we didn't care so must about the wrong being made a right...we just wanted our home we'd been building (and looking forward to) since last November!
Deep breath.

^^^ Does this picture give you anxiety???  If so, please come organize/clean/fix it for me, won't 'cha???  It'll make you feel better.  wink, wink ^^^

Now that we're moved in (I use that term VERY loosely....I mean, all of our belongings on located on our property...and that's the extent of our moved-in status), I feel thankful, relieved, joyful, and stressed all at the same time.  I've constantly had to fight that urge to get everything exactly how we want it RIGHT NOW.  It's just not realistic.  Things like painting, landscaping the backyard, new decor, etc. have to be put on the back burner until we get settled in a bit.

But guess what????

Those projects make for great DIY/Home Improvement blog posts, so stay tuned if you're into that stuff.  And if you want a preview of what my vision is for our new home, check out my laundry room, girls' bedrooms, and for the home boards on my Pinterest.  

Switching topics, I had a blast doing the first half of my Mommy & Me mini sessions last week!  I posted a couple of my favorites on Facebook so I thought I'd share here too!  I just love how the black and white captures the emotion of these mommas and their little precious.  I want some of these for myself!!!!

And on to my third topic of the post (I warned you it would be random), I've thought a lot lately about my priorities.  In fact, yesterday, I wrote all of my responsibilities down and ranked them in priority.  This list of importance wasn't news to me when digested visually, however, it seems as though something sunk in that I can cut out several things in my life that would support those big priorities a little more...such as my husband, kids, home, church.  I feel like I need to trim the fat a bit.  Who knows where those trimming may lie, but I definitely think some changes will be happening in the next few months.  Do you ever feel this way???  It's like I need a priority reset to bring it back to the core strongholds in my life...and let some of the other fluff go.
I'll keep you posted on that, too....once I figure it out myself.  :)

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