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ZACH Theatre {Austin}

The lovely people at ZACH Theatre reached out to me about attending a performance of Dr. Seuss'sThe Cat in the Hat last weekend, and I jumped at the chance to expose my little ones to production theatre...not to mention at the longest running theatre company in Texas!  I ended up taking Tyler Bree, as she was the one I most thought would "get it" in terms of the entire production process.  It was also and opportunity for me to weave in a few homeschooling topics with her.

The play itself was simply delightful!  Everything was right in line with what a child would recognize as being "The Cat in the Hat".  Here's a few specific thoughts I had walking out of the performance:

>>>Setting and props looked super realistic to the cartoon version...I don't know how they did that...the tables and books even looked animated!
>>>The energy level of the actors was impressive to say the least.  They were running around nearly the entire performance, yet didn't miss a cue or line.  This definitely added to the entertainment and the kid-factor of the show.
>>>Being in a rather intimate setting (smaller theater), the actors were extremely talented and professional, even during the times the closeness of the audience might have distracted them for a split-second...again, impressive.
>>>The staff working at the ZACH Theatre could not have been more helpful and kind.  From the moment we walked in, they were the picture of hospitality.
>>>The length of this performance was just right...40 minutes is the perfect amount of time for young ones.  As a parent, I sure appreciated that sweet spot of time!

For those of you in the Austin area, I highly recommend taking your family to see a performance at ZACH theatre.  The Cat in the Hat is running until May 3 and Pinocchio is starting in a few days.  An added bonus for me was the location of the theatre...South Lamar.  Coming from Buda, I love getting to come "in to town" a bit more and stopping in at my favorite restaurants.  We kind of made a whole day of it...I can never resist Gourdough's or some quality time with my big girl!

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  1. superb photos and great review. I saw the show, too, and think your observations are spot on. (In the interest of full disclosure, I am a volunteer usher at Zach ... I volunteer there b/c I value supporting Zach's mission).



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