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Planning a Frozen-Themed Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago, Riley turned 7!  SEVEN!!!!  How is that possible?
The mind-boggling mysteries of rapid childhood aging will forever escape my brain.  It just doesn't seem possible for my children to already be so OLD!

So naturally, as any seven year old girl (and possibly boy) would ask for when contemplating a party, was of course a FROZEN birthday party.
As if I even had to ask.

In researching this endeavor, there are an abundance of Frozen party ideas...but truthfully, those amazing creations are not within my abilities at the present, nor is there ANYTHING Frozen in stock I did what I could and it turned out pretty great, if I do say so.

Here's a few ideas if you're wanting to take the short-cut minimalist route to a fabulous Frozen birthday party!

^^^ My MIL made these delish snowflake sugar cookies, which my kids decorated the day prior.  Then she wrapped them up to give out for party favors! ^^^

The noses (carrots), ice (blue jello), and antlers (stick pretzels) were the easiest thing!  We ended up using the carrots and pretzels to make mini-Olafs later (see below).

^^^ My mom made a Frozen concoction of blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and pineapple juice...then added a few scoops of ice cream for good measure.  So yum! ^^^

^^^ Using tinted almond bark with marshmallows and pretzels, the girls made their own snowflakes and Olafs.  This was a hit! ^^^

^^^ My sweet girls.  Times just goes by too fast. ^^^

In addition to the above, the party also included:
-Frozen coloring pages
-Ice cream cupcakes (made with confetti cake and birthday cake ice cream)
-A viewing of Frozen, complete with several rewinds for sing-along purposes

Riley brings such joy to our family and helps me tremendously.  She's a doer and a leader...traits that serve her well.  She's a natural pianist and listening to her play is music to my ears...ha, pun intended.  Riley reminds me of myself a lot...not only in personality, but she looks a lot like I did at her age.  We love our sweet girl so much.  Happy 7th Riley!

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  1. Nice! I'm minimalist too and I'm loving the simplicity of this!

  2. Her missing front tooth is the cherry on top of that last picture. Love it!

  3. Love it! I have a girl turning 4 and she wanted a "Frozen" cake so I am going to theme her party Frozen...I love your minimalist ideas :)



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