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Unplugged & Weekend Recap

Well friends...I did it.  I unplugged for the weekend.
For the most part.

Exceptions include texts and trying to sell a stroller on a Facebook page...but besides that, no checking email, no social media, and no having my phone on my person nonstop.

It felt really nice and surprisingly, I didn't miss it.
There were a few times I glanced at my growing number of emails and suffered a slight pang of anxiety of the time it would take to sort through all of them come this morning...but nothing more than that.  I definitely think I'll do it more often!
Did you happen to unplug with me this past weekend?

We spent most of our entire weekend packing.  Currently everything, yet nothing is packed.  My MIL helped knock out the kitchen yesterday and we have most decor and furniture today my job consists of mountains of laundry and packing the kids' room.  Fun.

Here's a few other highlights from our was beautiful!

^^^ Me and Tyler Bree at the 360 Bridge looking over Lake Austin.  It was so neat! ^^^

^^^ Went to dinner with my these pants from KLR! ^^^

^^^ Boxes are loads of fun.  Clearly. ^^^

Riley, Tyler Bree and Blake went to a Daddy/Daughter dance and had a good ol' time.  Oh these girls with fixing hair.  They fight me on it every time!  Don't they know I know what looks best!?!?  Gah!  I won, by the way...well, to be perfectly honest, it was more 60/40.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. What a fun weekend. Wasn't it perfect outside! I guess I sort of unplugged since we are moving too and my phone seems to always get lost within the piles of stuff! I was forced to unplug because I couldn't find my phone or computer in all the mess...and it was wonderful! We are moving this weekend (yay!) and I can't wait to get back to some normalcy, but we don't get internet or TV until March 8th, so I am in for a huge dose of unplugging!

  2. It really is amazing how you you don't miss social media after a while, isn't it? I kinda love unplugging every now and then. Like I told you on Instagram, LOVE that outfit. What about the sweater? I need all 3 pieces! :) The daddy/daughter dance looks so fun!! I've seen bits and pieces of y'all moving...where are you going?!

  3. The huge ole bandaid on TB's knee is definitely my favorite.



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