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Packing Sucks

Folks, I'm about to lose it.

Packing straight up sucks.  SUCKS.

If I even had an ounce of OCD in my blood, this whole process would be ten times easier...but no.  I can't even wrap my brain around the organization that should be in process right now.  I just can't.
Does. Not. Compute.

To make things more chaotic and messy, all of our furniture (except for the kids' beds and our kitchen table) is out of the house.  I tried to plop down on a couch today and ended up just wandering around with a forlorn look on my face.  I landed on my bed mattresses, by the way.

^^^ An empty closet...what kids' play is made of. ^^^

In the next seven days, I've got to get my stuff together.  Or else.
Or else, what?
I don't know...the world might come to end?
I burn everything we own?
Yeah, that second option is sounding pretty good right now.
Anyone got a light?
You wouldn't think I'm joking if you saw the state of the entire upstairs.
I'll pass on showing a picture out of sheer avoidance of utter embarrassment.

But at any rate, come hell or high water, we'll be outta here by next weekend.
Pray for me.

In related news, I'm getting rid of anything in sight that I don't have a strong affection for or that serves a specific purpose...
Meaning those random toy pieces that got separated from the mother ship...Gone.
Meaning those clothes that I've hung on to because maybe, just maybe they'll come back in style...Gone.
Meaning if it's in my war path...Gone.
Meaning it feels real good to get rid of stuff...and I'm being ruthless about it.
Goodwill is gonna LOVE me.
As will our trash man.
True story.

p.s.  I made these babies tonight and OH MY GOSH.  #Heavenly
p.p.s.  Did I mention we're moving? {insert cross-eyed emoticon}

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  1. This post made me laugh!! I can relate to it so well & we aren't even moving. I just feel like I can never keep up with the messes that are being made & so there are many days where I throw out empty threats about throwing everyone's things in the trash.
    Good luck with your move!!

  2. Last time we moved, I was newly pregnant with baby #1 (which meant no baby stuff yet). We're getting ready to move again at the end of March. I'm due with baby #4 on March 4th, we have accumluated 3 kids' worth of stuff along with 3 kids, of course,, and I started a home based sewing business with lots of inventory a few years ago. Suffice it to say that I tend to hyperventilate a bit every time I think about getting started on packing...

  3. You go girl -- getting rid of stuff is like my favorite thing EVER. I feel so refreshed when I get rid of things we don't need that I've been hanging onto!! I'll be thinking of you ma'am! :) good luck!!



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