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Smart Style: Red & Animal

Hey there!  Happy Monday!
I'm kind of exhausted from our weekend away, but it was well worth it.  I'll post a recap tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to introduce a new "series", if you will.  Actually, it's really just a new name of what I'll be titling my outfit or style posts from now on.  Because this space is a lifestyle blog and I don't post style-related posts all the time, I wanted it to be easier for my readers to identify those types of posts...and so from here forward they'll be called "Smart Style".

So, this outfit is what I wore on Saturday to the Texas Tech game.  Remember my post on Friday showing different styles sporting school colors?  Well, this is what I settled on.  And let me tell ya...I looked like almost every other girl there...from the waist down, at least....and unintentionally, course.  Every time I go back, it seems like there's a certain collegiate style that's trending there.  It's normally not something that translates or bleeds over into mainstream style, but instead, a trend born within sorority houses that's originally their own initiative.  I noticed this while in college,'s just amusing going back and seeing what the "it" thing is now.  More to come on this tomorrow.  :)

While we were taking these pictures, Blake said he had a feeling that if we lived there, we would be frequenting campus often specifically for photo ops...And he would be right in assuming that.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the most perfect places for pictures!  It was a style blogger and photographer's dream!!!!

I guess we're just gonna have to move to Lubbock now.

Shop this outfit:

blouse and cords: CAbi
boots: Frye
purse: Target

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  1. Love it, I wore red pants this weekend too!


  2. Campuses really are so perfect for photo opps (lucky college bloggers!) I've found that each school has their own trend, also. You look fantastic!!

  3. That's it...breaking out my red pants this week! Love this look.

  4. I live in a college town but haven't worked up the nerve yet to go take pictures on campus!

    1. You should! Go in the evening when no one is there! :)



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