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It's Great to Be 8

Turning eight is a big deal around here...and to tell you the truth, my brain can't really process how I now have an eight year old.  I mean, I can hardly remember this big girl of mine as a baby!

But she has sure grown into a sweet (and toothless) young girl.  She's bright, talented, generous, innately kind, and loves life!  I could go on about my little pookie about her fierce love for Tigers or her wild imagination or her ability to grasp concepts beyond her years...but I'll just say that I love her so and she makes me a proud momma!

We had a little family get together on her actual birthday to celebrate...

She was so very excited about her gifts...the girl has had planned out what she's wanted for months!  It was so fun watching her open her American Girl doll...the joy on her face was priceless!

Of course I forgot to take pictures of our family or of the little decorations I put up, so hopefully I'll remember to get better ones at her "real" party this's sure to be the event of the year!
(At least in her little world.)

Hope y'all have a great day...because you know what today is, right???

(makes me giggle every time)


  1. Awww so cute! 8 is my lucky number, so obviously it's great ; ) She looks sooo happy, especially with that doll!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet, beautiful 8 year old!!!!! Time really does fly doesn't it? I LOVE her face when she's opening the American Girl Doll.

  3. I stinking want an American Girl!

  4. I stinking want an American Girl!



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