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5 Lessons Learned in NYC

Hey there!!!!  Long time no see!
Apologies for going MIA this week.  My trip was a whirlwind and blogging was not in the cards for my schedule....but I'm back!

My time at the Fashion Forward Conference was great!  It was completely different from anything I've ever been to, which was so refreshing and enlightening.  I'll share more later this week.

Since I'm fresh off my trip (I literally just walked in the door), I wanted to jot down some thoughts I had before they vacated my brain...

I've been to NYC a couple of times before as a tourist, but this time was different. Even though I was only there a little over 24 hours, I seemed to be acutely aware of my surroundings and felt part of the culture.  Partly because I was by myself and partly because I had places to be...but more so, I think it was because I was "in the trenches" so to speak with my hurried walk, my multiple bags and feigned intensity.  I seemed to notice the people more...the less fortunate ones and especially the children, which made my heart ache for them.  I maybe saw two kids the entire time that seemed to be happy with their situation.  The others appeared to not be receiving the love and care that should be afforded to them.  I understand that I'm judging just the few seconds I saw these children and I know it's probably not the case with all of them, but it breaks my heart to wonder about them...are they okay?...are they hungry?....were they maybe crying because they've had to sit in a stroller for 5 hours?  Anyway, I know I can't do anything about it and I know that I tend to notice children in this way quite often (I especially can't handle hearing crying newborns), but it sure makes me reflect on my four little ones and inspires me to try harder as a momma to show them my love and support always....I don't want them ever to have to wonder.

Also, I thought I'd give you a little bulleted list of "what I learned" in NYC:

1.  Don't ask people (3 separate individuals to be exact) if they want to share a cab with you into the city while standing in the taxi line at JFK.  Not only will they think you're about to knife them, but all eye contact will immediately cease accompanied by a firm "no."
My bad.

2.  Don't talk on the "quiet" commuter train.  I have no idea where they post this "strict rule", but when broken, you'll be sure to have eye-darts thrown your way by an old man with a pink lunch bag who gets up and huffs away to another seat.

3.  At approximately 4:45pm, plant yourself in front of Penn Station and watch the mad dash begin.  These people have the run/walk down to an art.  I sure hope they relax some time in their, these peeps are intense.

4.  When traveling alone, check a mirror every hour or so since you don't have anyone to tell you if something is a.) in your teeth b.) your makeup is smeared or c.) your hair looks like a sweaty rats nest or d.) All of the above

5.  And lastly, I'm gonna teach you a new vocabulary term...are you ready?
Back-Up Shoes.
I've always known the concept, but in speaking with New Yorkers, I realized that this is actually what they're termed.  And thankfully, I had mine or else I'd probably be laid up in some foot hospital right about now.
Back-up shoes and band-aids...don't leave home without 'em.

Thanks for sticking around for this long post!
I'll share more about Fashion Forward and what I did in NYC later on!  Here's a little sneak peak from the conference you might have seen on my Instagram...more to come!

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  1. Lol. Loved reading your experience in NYC. I'm a born and raised New Yorker who used to commute to Penn Station from LI everyday & I admit that at times even I used to take a step back just to take in the rush & chaos of the masses. It's impressive, no? Honestly, I'm glad I don't do that anymore. Found a local job on LI and I enjoy my 15 minute drive to work a lot more than I enjoyed those train rides. Glad to hear you enjoyed our city. And so glad you discovered back up shoes & bandaids. Seriously, it's a must. Sadly, my sis in law learned this the hard way. But I'd warned her not to wear flip flop like sandals to the city without having backup shoes. Yes, she ended up w bruised feet & had to walk barefoot down a chunk of 34th street because a harried NY-er stepped on her foot and her sandal was ripped right off her feet.

  2. These are all so true! I found it comical at first that all these business women were wearing 300 suit dresses and tennis shoes and holding their stilettos in their bags but it seriously makes a lot of sense!

  3. New York City is definitely an entirely different culture from the rest of the world, I think. I'm so excited that you were able to go. I loved seeing your pics on Instagram. Next time, I'm coming with you!

  4. Haha, your tips are so true! I interned in NY a few summers ago and always had a pair of flats tucked in my purse-- all foot/subway travel was done in the flats, once I got to the office my cute heels came on! Hope you had a good trip, I miss NYC and hope to get back soon!



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