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Which Momma Are You?

As a contributor to Austin Moms Blog, I'm included in today's post about what mom category we fall under....placing labels if you will.  It was so fun reading all of these...laughing at my own while seeing myself in several of the other categories, as well.
And do you know which mom I am?

The "Party of Six" Mom
(Shocker, right?  See here to read more about what defines a "Party of Six" Momma.)

We were asked to have a picture that best captured our "label"....which for me was all 4 of my kids in front of our large family vehicle.  And let me tell ya', nobody was happy to do this little on-the-fly photo shoot.  We got some awful ones that I seriously contemplated submitting for the post out of shear hilarity at how miserable my family looked.  Here's some of the better outtakes...

You have to go check out this post on AMB....I think we all can identify with at least one of the types of moms...and if not, it's sure to give you a few chuckles...especially the "Crunchy Mom" and the "Glam Mom" descriptions.  Oh and while you're there, give us your vote on "Which Mom Are You?"

Happy Wednesday!!!!

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  1. I want to go see what type of mom I am! Love these pictures of you and your sweet kids!

    1. What kind are you? Does your town have a "Moms Blog"?

  2. I love the photos! Such a gorgeous family you have. My favourite photo is the second one, love the colours! Heading over to read the post now, should be fun.

  3. Such a cute post! I love the photos...your kids are just precious!



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