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Another Reason I Love July {A Birthday Wish List}

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks...the big 3-2.  A real milestone, huh?

Since I've been in my thirties, I've always tried to remember what my mom was like at my age.  When she was 32, I was 6...the age of my second daughter, whom I'm fairly certain will vividly remember me as I am now.  I'd like to think I have better hair than my mom did at this will be too soon if perms never come back.  As with most girls born in the 80's, perms were not specific to moms.  Oh no.  They were often inflicted on unsuspecting children in the name of beauty.  Psh.  From the trauma of my childhood hairstyles, I have vowed never to

a. cut bangs on my girls
b. perm their hair
c.  EVER

But I'm getting off topic.  Today's post is about my upcoming birthday....or my wish list for my birthday, rather.  (See last year's here.)  Things on this year's birthday wish list are more necessities, kind of....oh alright, they're wantessities.

Quelques Fleurs-I haven't worn perfume since I had my son, and I've always loved this scent.
Camera Lens-I have the 50mm/1.8 lens, but it just doesn't get the sharpness I need.  The 85mm/1.8 would be great, but for now, I'd love this one.
Madewell Tote-I saw this baby when we were in Georgetown and instantly fell in love.  I don't need another tote...but she's sure a beauty isn't she?
Briggs & Riley Transcend Luggage (not pictured)-My one and only piece of luggage is missing a wheel which makes airport navigation (and exiting elevators) tricky and quite awkward.  I've heard these are the best.


Also today, I'd like to introduce to you one of this month's sponsors....a new fashion deal site called Stylzoo.  They offer stylish finds for under $20 (you read that right).  Stylzoo's philosophy is that fashion empowers each individual, and their mission is to get the best personally selected fashion pieces 30-90% off retail prices, as soon as possible. Unlike other deal sites, all of their items are in stock and are ready to ship!  My favorite thing about this new company is that they handpick each product they sell, ensuring quality.

Stylzoo is offering The Mrs. & The Momma readers a 20% discount with the code twenty4u.  Like I said, all of their finds are under $20, so if you do the math, this discount offer makes it even more of a huge steal!  Be sure to check out their current feature-colored denim, of which they pride themselves in knowing the best fit and quality of denim that customers love.

Happy Shopping!!!!

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  1. Yay, my bday is this month too! I have this lens and LOVE It!!!


  2. My mom definitely had a perm as well! Haha!

    I'm going to put that tote on my birthday list as well (it will be there for a while..Jan baby). What day is your birthday?

  3. I distinctly remember giving my Mom home perms when she was about 30 and I was about 10! She never gave any of us girls perms, though. I do perms all the time at the salon, but I would never do it on someone I loved. That stuff kills your hair!



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