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This Girl...

This girl...

This girl is giant and playful and snugly.

This girl antagonizes her smaller, furrier, older "friend" to no avail.

This girl is the same girl who spooned me that first night and since then, has not had the privilege of sleeping on the bed...a privilege reserved for her "friend".

This girl's run is like thunder going up and down the stairs.

This girl has a bark that gives me piece of mind if my husband should ever be out of town.

This girl has become part of our family...

And I'm pretty confident she likes it here.


Also today, I'd like to introduce Bri of Back to Bliss.

  This momma blogs about life with her almost 1 year old daughter, marathon training/running (wow!), and her love for shopping.  Whether she's helping her readers find the best J.Crew deals or capturing her life as a summer SAHM or coaching her cheer squad, Bri is one girl that's easy to connect with.  Make sure to pay her a visit and let her know I sent you....and don't miss her "Favorite Things" page when you stop'll get your shopping glands salivating for sure!

Happy Thursday y'all!!!

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  1. Aw! Look at those eyes! I love my puppies, Zeus and Xena. Sometimes they make my blood boil but life wouldn't be the same without them at home. :)


    Ana Paula

  2. What a cute puppy! She certainly looks like she's made herself at home.



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