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Every Summer Has a Story

Looking back on all the summers of my childhood, certain events and experiences stick out, but for the most part, they run together in sort of a thematic way.

I remember that summer playing with the two sons of Bolivian ambassadors who lived with our neighbors while their parents fulfilled their duties in D.C....I wonder where they are now.

I remember summers spent at football camps and two-a-days with my dad because both my parents worked, and me and my brother couldn't stay home this I attribute my skill of how to correctly throw a football.

I remember another summer filled with swimming lessons and a trip to Disney World...and starting my period for the first time the day before we left on that forever long drive to Orlando.

In my teens, I remember a summer of camping and beach trips with my future husband...and getting my finger slammed in the hood of a car (which is still crooked).

I remember multiple summers spent life guarding at our neighborhood pool....and the ridiculous tan I developed...and also thinking I was pretty much the bomb diggity.

Before we were married, I remember a summer of mountain vacations to Colorado and Maine...some of the best memories ever made.

As another summer is upon us, I wonder if my kids will remember this one.  And if they do, what will stick out to them?

It's easy to sleep in, go to the pool a few times a week, and have a relaxed summer fact, I'm all for that.  Really.

But, I want to make sure I'm giving my children a summer filled with new and exciting experiences that will shape their memories...

And hopefully someday, will fill them with a strong sense of nostalgia and stories, as my summers did.

What sticks out to you in your memories of summers past?

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  1. I remember summers so well, also. I remember going to different ballet intensives every summer. I want to create beautiful moments for my kids as well. Loved this post, Kristen!

  2. Aw, I love this! My favorite summer of adulthood is the summer my husband and I got married.....we moved in together the month of the wedding and it was so exciting!


  3. OOh I love this!! I have some fond memories of summertime as a child... and as newlyweds... oh summer!! I'm all for creating beautiful memories for our babies to remember!



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