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My Campaign For Having Babies

Day 8:  A Piece of Advice You Have For Others

Wow, this is really a loaded one.  I have lots of advice to give.  Specifically relating to changing diapers, birthing pigs, sweet-talking Sheriff deputies, throwing people off wave runners, getting a herd of kids ready for church, etc.

But I think I'll take the serious route.  Not that all of the above aren't serious....I do indeed possess vast professional and all-encompassing knowledge on those subjects, however this one piece of advice may be more practical for most people:

Now let me clarify just a bit.  I know all situations are different.  But to whom I am speaking are those who are in situations where all the pieces are in place, so to speak.  There will always be something, some reason, or some plan to postpone having children.  Don't let that stop you.  Don't wait.  Yes there will be hardships and struggles (heck, just read Day 1 if you need an exhibit A), but your life will be so full of joy and blessings that you won't even remember why you once thought of putting it off.

So if you're waiting for that "right time"...
Know most probably that it'll never come.
There will always be something.

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  1. I'm giving the typical single girl answer:

    I'm ready for the baby, now I just need the husband. ;)

    (I'd probably need a boyfriend first, though, huh? Hahaha)

    1. It'll happen for you....but at least working with kids gives your uterus some kind of buffer, right? I worked at a daycare all throughout college and that was the biggest birth control for me. But then afterwards (and after we got married), I was as for it. :)

  2. I fully believe this advice. That's why when my husband says we'll have kids after he's done with school...I don't entirely believe him. We'll just wait and see...but I highly doubt we will ever actually try to "schedule" a child because I just don't think it tends to work out that way...

  3. I think this is just what I needed to see and read today as I have been strugglings with the answer to "Is it the right time to start trying for a baby?" Thanks for the advice!

  4. I am a huge supporter of this! You'll never have what you think is "enough" money in your bank account, never have enough weekends of sleeping in, not enough vacations, etc...I thought we would have waited longer for babies but I am so so glad the Lord called us to parenthood!

  5. i AGREE!! there is never a RIGHT time!! you just have to go for it and things will fall into place! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. So true! There will never be the "right time". My children are such a blessing, I can not imagine if I were still waiting to have them.



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