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Valentine's Recipe: Sweetheart Popcorn

The sole purpose for me keeping the combination of popcorn, almond bark, and cake mix in the house is for making this kind of can't-stop-shoving-in-my-mouth popcorn snack.  (Those ingredients are the makings of pure joy, I tell ya.)  I've made Birthday Cake popcorn, Halloween popcorn, and of course this stuff of which I crave on the daily.

I bought these cute little Valentine's sprinkles weeks ago with this recipe in mind.  It's quick, easy, and is visually appealing (read: would be a perfect V-day gift).

Here's the shopping list:
Valentine's Sprinkles
Pink or Red sugar sprinkles
Valentine's M&Ms (I used peanut butter, but any will work)
1 bag popcorn
1 package while almond bark
1/2 cup cake mix (any will do...I actually think strawberry would be cute for this too)


1.  Pop popcorn.  Do not burn.  Empty into very large bowl (so you have room to stir all the goodness together).  Get kernels one needs a cracked tooth.
2.  Melt chocolate in microwave
3.  Stir in 1/2 cup cake mix
4.  Pour over popcorn and stir
5.  Add in sprinkles....however many you'd like.  Make it pretty.
6.  Spread out on wax paper
7.  Add M&Ms and slightly push them into the popcorn....just enough that they'll stick once the chocolate is hard
8.  Add some more sprinkles for kicks.
9.  Let harden (about 30 minutes) and break into pieces.
10.  Try not to eat it all before dinner.

 Package up this yummy goodness with a cute bow and there you have yourself a sweet gift for a teacher, friend, neighbor, or your Valentine.

*If you don't want to share, no judging here.  ::wink, wink::

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  1. I work as a Nurse at a nursing home and were having our valentines party/dance this coming week for our patients. I have been wondering what I'm going to make as my plate to bring and I think this will be perfect!! I will also bag some up and give to friends and family with my Daughters Valentines pics on them.



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