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High Five Oscars!

A few things about Oscar night:

1.  I'm all for a sleek looking pantsuit.  When done right, they make me happy.  BUT....If I were Hugh Jackman's wife, attending the Oscars as his date, I would most certainly try my best to dress like a knock out.  This woman is gorg, but come on's the Oscars for heavens sake!  Save the pantsuit for a movie premiere.
2.  What the heck was going on with KStew.  Some one please get her a stylist.  Homegirl had a bruise on her arm (it's called coverup, hun) and her hair looked like she just turned her head upside down, hair sprayed like crazy, and did nothing with it once she flipped back over.  And the limp?  Was that linked to the cause of the bruise?  So odd, that one.  And I really want to like her.

3.  Dear Helen Hunt....bless your heart.  I'm all for wearing a more accessible label to an awards show, but it better be able to hang with some of the other haute couture ensembles.  Her H&M number looked like it was from H&M.  I'm sorry.  I know her intentions were good, but this just didn't work for me, dahling (said in my best Joan Rivers voice).

4.  Charlize's hair makes me want to chop mine off again.  When I voiced this thought the other night, I received a resounding "NO" from my husband and mother.  I get it, okay....I don't pull off the pixie well.  But if I would look like her with short hair (or like Halle for that matter), I'd do it in a heartbeat.  FYI...I can't be trusted with scissors.

5.  I think we all need to start rockin' the backwards necklace a la Jennifer Lawrence.  Seriously, who's with me?  Loved everything about her look.  I loved even better her response when asked how she fell on the steps.  "What do mean what happened?  Look at this dress!"

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  1. new follower from the blog hop!
    I loved the Oscars this year however sort of surprised about Argo's big win..?




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