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Plum Peplum Leather

Say that ^^^ fast three times!
Plum peplum leather. Pum peplum weather.  Poompepumwetter

This plum peplum leather jacket doesn't look so plum in the pictures, so just take my word for it, okay?  It's one of those pieces that's darling, but sometimes not the easiest to style.  Do you have those kind of tricky pieces in your closet?  Do you end up not wearing them at all or do you experiment pairing it with any and every thing until you find what works?

On that note, I taught the high school/middle school age girls at my church some style and wardrobe basics the other night....and one of the things I suggested was to try wearing outfits that you'd normally never think to wear together.  I don't know how much this sunk in, especially when I think of what I had to work with in my closet at that age...but hopefully I planted a seed of future experimentation with their style.  One of the other things I told them was "when in doubt, belt it."  I actually think this tip took hold, as I had a few moms come up to me Sunday telling me their daughters were insisting on getting some new belts.  :)

I'm really hoping I didn't send home those teenage girls urgently requesting a full-out shopping spree...
Or else I'll have some unhappy mommas after me!

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  1. I would tend not to buy it if I couldn't think of anything to wear it with, but I am really digging that scarf!



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