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Long Overdue

My recap of my diaper drive in terms of numbers, results, success is WAY long overdue...but here it is nonetheless.  My apologies for the tardiness.

If you're new here, you can read my original post about the diaper drive, why I do it, our bake sale, etc.  If you're not new here, I imagine you think I wouldn't shut up about it a couple of months back.  For that, I'm really not sorry.  Thank you for putting up with me, though.  And thank you for even reading the post, no matter if you shared it or's just good to know the word is out more.

So here's what the end product looked like as I left it in the lobby of the women's shelter.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome, as were the people who received the donation.  They actually couldn't believe it...and I couldn't either!  I was so glad that many of you were touched by this cause.  It warms my heart to know that a few less babies will have to suffer because of not having enough diapers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make this a success!!!  {big hug}

Oh and something else...when using the monetary donations to buy diapers, I was approached by one of the store managers asking, "why are you buying so many diapers?"  This of course started a conversation, and she suggested partnering with them for next year's diaper drive!  I hadn't really thought on that large of a scale yet, but now thinking that way, it could be huge!  All sorts of plans are swirling in my head about how to give and help more next year....Diaper Drive 2013, look out!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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