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A Group Blate

Being a blogger, online relationships are the norm.  I mean truly, I'll most likely never meet most of my blog readers (aside from friends/family I already know), nor ever meet bloggers I follow.
But on occasion, when the stars are aligned just right.....

Bloggers meet.
In real life.
For real.
Like face-to face.
And can hug it out.

I've been privileged to meet fellow bloggers before at last year's Texas Style Council, but until this past weekend, I'd never experienced a blate (blogger date) with people I already "knew". Thanks to Jenn (and to my husband for urging me to go), I got to meet up with all these ladies at Doc's on South Congress for a late lunch.  It was so much fun to talk in person and get to know them know, as opposed to just talking to them on my computer screen.  :)

Jen, Sar, Stephanie, waiter photobombing, Savanah, Shanna, Emily, Sarah, Allison, Tara

I loved meeting Sar (left) and really want to get to know her better....
And Stephanie's (right) eyelashes are just to die for!  I need her secrets!

Shanna and I were well acquainted before we met.  After an attempted rendezvous at the Texas State vs. Texas Tech football game this past fall, we finally met.  She's just awesome and I loved how easily we chatted it up!

The word on the, I mean on the that there's gonna be another one of these get togethers in a few months.  I can't wait!

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  1. Loved meeting you too! We didn't get to talk much, being on opposite sides of the table, but next meet-up perhaps?! ;)

  2. You are just a sweetheart and I loved meeting you! Can't wait to see you again soon!



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