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{Not} Walking the Walk and {Not} Talking the Talk

This boy is almost 18 months old...

And he has it made.

Being his momma, I have intimate knowledge of the manipulation that is an 18 month old.  I've suffered watching those alligator tears in response to "no more crackers."  I've dealt with the limp body syndrome (LBS) when not wanting to be held.  I've looked into those brown eyes right before he pokes my blue ones.  I've laughed to see his face light up at the mention of milk and the fierce anger that ensues when I'm not getting it for him fast enough.

Basically, he's adorable....And a typical toddler.

In addition, he's a boy who finds it most convenient to NOT walk and to NOT talk.

The talking part isn't much of a concern yet.  Been there, done that before.  Plus he has a couple of words, so I'm hopeful he's just obsorbing everything first.

But the man-biceps I'm growing from holding a 25 pound baby 75% of the time because he tries to crawl on any surface including public bathrooms and flower beds are NOT okay with me. (sorry about that run-on sentence) I'm really over it.  It's time for him to find his walking legs.

Two of my others were later walkers, but not this late.  I just know at his next well-baby appointment, the doc is going to recommend therapy.  But that doesn't sit well with me.

You see, I suspect he's holding out on us.  Why should he want to walk?  He gets carried most places (read: bird's eye view) and being close to his momma is really all he wants in life....besides being close to Daddy (a close second).

So I'm torn.  On one side, he won't be like this forever.  I should hold that little man for all it's worth.  But on the other side, it would be nice to not worry about taking a stroller not have to endure LBS in not have to keep my floors clean all the time...etc.

But until then, I'll just keep being his momma and keep letting him have it made...psh, like I have a choice in the matter.  (Although I might have to find a chiropractor to realign the baby-on-the-hip curve I've developed.)

Here's hoping he'll be "walking the walk" by Christmastime!  For Santa's sake and mine!

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