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Memories of Black Fridays Past

Happy {Black} Friday, Y'all!

I got lots of shopping done (Kohl's online) early yesterday morning.  Actually, I'm still feeling pretty outta shape from staying up that late.  It was worth getting the deals, though.

We had a fun Thanksgiving yesterday with both sides of our families.  Here's a few shots we got out a my parents' new was our first holiday at their new house, which is nostalgic for me because my grandparents lived in the same house (now renovated) and I have fond memories there as a child.

I'm so glad Black Friday deals can, for the most part, be scored online now.  I have bad memories of one Black Friday when I had a sprained ankle and was on crutches, yet I still went with my mom to battle the crowds at Dillards.  There was a nativity she just HAD to have.  Well, every other woman there just HAD to have it too, and before I knew it, I had scarcely avoided being trampled and was pinned in a corner with my crutches.  Every time I tried to call out "Mommy?" (who was no where to be found), about five other moms answered.  Never again, I said.

But wouldn't you know....I ate my words the next year.

Have fun getting out your Christmas stuff this weekend, if you haven't already....
like some one I know....

The Mrs. & The Momma

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The Mrs. & The Momma

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