Halloweens of the Past

In the spirit of tomorrow, I thought I'd do a look back on my past Halloween outfits....the good, the bad, and the pregnant.

Yeah, I've been with child for 4 out of the past 6 Halloweens.  Proof that even an enormous belly or a protruding navel won't stop me from doning a costume.  I think I even got a trophy of sorts for this first one...

Pregnant football player and her coach

Hippie chic

Flapper with Cinderella

Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Momma cat and Tinkerbell

Happy Halloween Eve!

One more thing....the winner to the Blue Bird Bride giveaway is Kim Norton!  Congrats Kim!  *You can still take advantage of their "buy 3 get 1 Free" special or take 15% off with the code FALL2012.  

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