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Wrap Dress and the Obvious

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When getting ready for church yesterday, I knew I wanted to wear this dress, but wasn't sold on the black belt I had paired with it.  It was a thick, leather vintage thing of my mother's....and I like it a lot....but it just didn't add anything to the outfit.

Very blah.

I had tried this scarf on my head (pirate style, cute but kinda not appropriate for church), and then....

Light bulb!

I don't know why I hadn't thought to wear it as a belt before.  Don't you hate when that happens? When something so obvious doesn't occur to you?  (If this never happens to you, and you're one who always sees every possibility, then keep your hand down.  And come be my consultant, please.)

Well, needless to say, it worked itself out.

By the way, this wrap dress would be a perfect piece for the winter....
With tights and vests and sweaters....oh, my!
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