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Wardrobe Basics Class

This past week, I did a "wardrobe basics" class for the women at my church.  I thought since I organized all my thoughts and ideas coherently (and somewhat helpfully, I hope), I'd share some here on the blog, too.

I broke it up into two parts:

1.  The process of creating a "Working Closet" & remixing clothes you already own
2.  Styling basics, closet staples, & fall trends to update your wardrobe
(plus a few of my personal favorite looks to try)

I wore a pretty simple outfit so that I could show how many outfits can be created just by adding on or taking away from the basic white v-neck and colored skinnies.

To show the variations on this outfit, I took 5 pieces to change the look, change the season, and to demonstrate different ways to style accessories:

1.  Jewel-toned flats
2.  Leopard scarf (heavier weight)
3.  Mint polka dot scarf (light weight)
4.  Black blazer
5.  Black & white polka dot blouse

As you can imagine, mixing up these 5 pieces with the above outfit, the possibilities are nearly endless.  (Well, I'm sure there's an end, but I just said that because I failed to actually count how many ways this all could be worn.)

A few of my fall updates included:

-Rocking the Black + Blue combo
-Dressing up cozy knits
-Statement collars
-Transitioning your bright summer heels (opened toed) into fall by just adding tights

For inspiration and guidance, I referred to a few other blogs....Kendi, Audrey, and Jill.  I highly suggest educating yourself about remixable wardrobes and working closets from these fine ladies.  Learning and applying their methods of organizing and styling can be eye-opening!!!!!

(Please email me if you'd like a copy of the entire packet I put together for the class, I'd be happy to send you the pdf.)

The Mrs. & The Momma

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