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If You Give a Momma a Chore...

If you give a Momma a chore, she'll probably get distracted and wander into the foyer.
She'll see the foyer table and wonder if it could fit somewhere else.
So she'll look for the tape measure.
While looking for the tape measure, she'll get distracted again.
Then she'll decide to do her chore.
While cleaning, she'll find a video camera and ask where to put it.
She'll decide it goes in the bottom drawer.
In the bottom drawer, she'll find the tape measure and remember that she was looking for it....
But can't remember what for.
So she'll wander around and get distracted.  Again.
Then she'll see the foyer table and remember why she wanted the tape measure.
And chances are, if a Momma measures the foyer table...
You can bet she'll want to rearrange the foyer....before she gets back to her chore.

True story.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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