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Matching My Mini

My second daughter is starting kindergarten in exactly 12 days, which fills me with many emotions.  While I'll dedicate a subsequent (and possibly tearful) post to those feelings, today I'll spare you the emotion and simply talk about our matching outfits....because that's what really matters, right?

We had a little kindergarten "come tour the school and eat a popsicle" social, and my daughter insisted we wear matching outfits.  She's been planning this coordination since her cousin handed down to her these yellow capris.  I think I've talked before about this child's knack for styling, but only until recently did I realize that she actually plans out in her mind what outfits she will wear, and when.  Seriously, the apple doesn't fall far.

After fielding several remarks along the lines of "Oh how sweet, y'all are matching"....I decided to embrace it.  I mean, when else in life is my daughter going to want to dress like her momma?

When we got home she twisted my arm to take pictures for "momma's blog"....and I just couldn't refuse my little namesake.

(Yeah right, like she even had to ask...I was already planning on it!)

The Mrs. & The Momma

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