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If You Really Knew Me, v2.0

If you missed version 1.0, I explained that coming up (on the fly) with things people don't know about me is not one of my strengths, therefore, these tidbits will be divulged on a weekly basis....until I can't think of anything else.

Or until they get inappropriate...which may not take long.  :)

If you really knew me....(part deux)

-You'd know that I really love dressing up in costumes.  To my dismay, my husband does not....however, he appeases me occasionally.  And when I say occasionally, I mean only every other Halloween.  80's parties or themed birthdays are out of the question.  Every party has a pooper....

-You'd know that I absolutely cannot stand having my face touched by some one's hand....even my husband's.  *Shudder*

-You'd know that in college, my precious 1999 white Ford Mustang, "Pearl", got repeatedly vandalized.  Poor baby...she didn't deserve it one bit.

-You'd know that for some reason, I could never ski well, but when I learned how to snowboard, something just "clicked."  I wasted so much time inching down the bunny slopes with two skis and two poles!  One board is the only way to go.

-You'd know that if I was forced to make the choice between wearing glasses to correct my vision or wearing sunglasses on a sunny day....I'd pick wearing sunglasses in a heartbeat.  Just hope that if that day ever comes, you're not on the road with me.

-You'd know that I've recently learned that my negative first impressions of others are usually right on, in terms of accuracy.  I always want (and try) to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I am now trusting my intuition more...even if the result may not be a positive one.  Call it wisdom.

That's about it for this week.  So what are your feelings about learning more about me in this way?  Is this a weekly feature you'd like to see continue?  

The Mrs. & The Momma

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