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And Then There Were Two...

My two oldest girls started school yesterday leaving me with just my two little ones at home.  I don't know how I feel yet being without my side-kick (the kindergartner)...I depend on her a lot.

Preparation Sunday night felt a little like the night before terms of the "staying up late to make your kids happy" stuff.  The girls requested Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for breakfast (which takes some time to make), so I dutifully made them, as well as some extras for their teachers.

I picked them up from school bearing cherry limeades for treats, as I didn't know what kind of moods they'd be greeting me with....Sonic drinks always make me happy, so I was counting on the same effect on my girls.  Thankfully, they had a fabulous first day and could NOT stop talking about it.  Whew!  I think this will set the precedence for the school year and look forward to the wonderful learning, stories, and new friends they'll experience!

But not looking forward to waking up early.  Every. Single. Day.

Countdown to Saturday, anyone?

The Mrs. & The Momma

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