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Playing Around

One of my favorite things on which I spend more time than I should (besides blowing drying my hair, watching the Bachelorette, not cleaning my house, and wishing for a 'Friends' reunion)....

Is editing photos.

(raw pic, with only a contrast boost and crop)

I get such satisfaction in turning a mediocre picture into a decent, well-composed, and quasi-well-lit-looking photograph.  For me, the wannabe amateur photographer, editing is my saving grace.

It's the milk to my oreos...

The Hermione to my Harry....

The light saber to my Jedi...

I think you get the picture.  And now that I've established that I'm a total nerd, here's a few edits of the above pic (and a couple others) that I played around with.

Which one do you like best?

shirt (similar): Target, skirt (similar): F21, belt (similar): c/o Francesca's Collections, necklace (similar): no idea

In other news, check out this vintage Yves Saint Laurent tie my husband dug out for church the other day...It's got the 70's skinny thing going on.  I think he borrowed it from his dad way back when and forgot to give it back!

Happy Hump Day!

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, I use Pixlr Express to edit my photos.)

The Mrs. & The Momma

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