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Bad Niece

dress (similar): H&M, necklace: Cheerfully Charmed, belt (similar): Arttie, shoes (similar) and watch: Michael Kors, earrings (similar): Charming Charlie, bracelets: c/o InPink

We had a great weekend as a family being at the lake, going to church, and just hanging out together as a family unit.  My body is totally sore from riding the wave-runner, the tube (hello, whiplash), and swimming....which made my run this morning both awkward and painful.  I'm pretty sure I did an accurate version of the Phoebe run.

The highlight of the weekend was simply being on the water via the boat and wave-runner.  I LIVE for the wave-runner!  I haven't been able to ride one the past couple of years due to either having a newborn or being pregnant.  I sure made up for lost time.

The low point of the weekend ("low" being a relative term), was throwing my aunt off the wave-runner...HARD.  I felt SO bad, as I really didn't mean to (and I've meant to throw people off many of times....just not her).  She had seen me and my husband driving a little crazy out on the lake, and asked me to "give her an adventurous ride" or something along those lines.  I was careful to tell her when to "hold on tighter", however, I think I might have gotten carried away a bit....

And suddenly she wasn't there behind me.

She was fine, but a little shaken.  Thankfully, she's assured me that it was "fun" and gives her a good story to tell people.  (Pictures to follow tomorrow.)

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The Mrs. & The Momma

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